To come from a legacy of passion, experience and integrity – as all of us do at Northwood Realty Services –  is an unbelievable blessing.  It permits us to stand on the shoulders of the smart, hard-working people who came before us.  It provides clarity of purpose and a record to which we are challenged to match and surpass every day.


But a legacy draws its meaning and power from the past.  And Northwood has always been an organization that  prefers to look forward.


Achievement, fulfillment, success – they all must be created with an eye on the future and forward motion is the key, not resting on past accolades. Our future is where we take it and how we make it.


That's why everything we believe in and act upon at Northwood remains driven by our commitment to supporting our agents better than any other firm.  It's why we constantly innovate to provide buyers and sellers with the easiest access to the finest, most comprehensive real estate services anywhere.  We welcome your feedback and ideas, as well. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.


Our legacy at Northwood is undeniably great, but we believe just as strongly that our best days are always just ahead.


- Tom Hosack